A Daily Digest

I woke up excited to do house things (is this nesting?) such as going shopping for some general supplies to make homemade cleaning solutions (water and white vinegar mixes seem to be big for general cleaning). I also am going to tackle making some natural weed killers to see if I can’t keep the weeding invaders out of our evergreen growth in the front yard (I’ll put up a picture later). Or I might just remove all the evergreen growth because I don’t really like it, and it collects everything from weeds, to leaves, to street garbage.


House-wise I have been getting really into scouring Craigslist for free stuff. I discovered someone giving away solid oak chairs near Jake’s work and had him pick them up so after we clean them off we’ve got the beginnings of our kitchen nook! I think my neighbor has an old kitchen table she doesn’t want anymore in her attic so if she is giving it away that will complete the nook. Here’s what the chairs look like:

2018-06-13 11.10.27

Jake and I also went to Crate N’ Barrel the other day to use a gift card we had so we grabbed some jars to hold sugar, flour, and oatmeal.

2018-06-13 11.10.34

I am also very interested in meeting people who garden, so I inquired in this Swampscott FB group I follow that has all the information about town happenings. I hope to join a group that does edible gardening because I haven’t grown veggies and herbs in the ground anywhere I lived (I’ve been growing things in pots since college). So far, there seems to be an interest group in town for starting a community garden, as well as a bunch of people that do garden swaps, so I might be able to have an easier time starting out than I thought. πŸ™‚

Speaking of the Swampscott FB group, it was there that I found out a Swampscott resident recently wrote a book called A Blood Thing. Apparently he’s a USA Today best seller named James Hankins, who writes thrillers. There’s an interview about him here, which is a cute read. Hopefully I run into him in town at some point and can chat, but in the meantime I’ll grab his books at the library to check them out.

Chores today (which I’m only sharing because they’re cute) include doing another round of laundry of the new baby clothes. So many people have given us clothing for this munchkin. We are deciding, which outfit we’ll bring her home in (personally, I’m leaning towards the “Snuggle this Muggle” onesie with the Gryffindor hat). I’ve also been putting together the To-Go bag of things we’ll want to just have ready for when it’s time to go to the hospital. So far it’s looking like this (but I haven’t packed any of Jake or my overnight clothes, or the daily-use things like our toothbrushes).

2018-06-13 11.10.19

Speaking of baby gifts – the very awesome lady I work part time with sent me some mama-to-be goodies (see photo below of me with my spoils)!

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 10.58.06 AM.png

On the less fun side of things, I am still dealing with clearing up old bills and claims from our previous Ob/Gyn. Word of advice to any who cares to hear it, if you can avoid it (we couldn’t) try not to change insurance twice in the middle of a pregnancy, especially if it means you have to switch providers. One, bills already take forever to show up, and two, it really is a dance to get everything coordinated between different insurances and providers so that you can prevent having to pay random amounts.

And lastly, I have decided to stop blogging about eczema (so essentially leaving behind my eczema storyteller blog) and instead will just write myself a book about my experiences. Though I obviously love blogging, I get too wound up about making sure everything is factual and perfect on my niche eczema blog, and caught up in trying to make sure people are reading it (oh how being plugged into the inter webs makes things too chaotic sometimes), and in reality I just want to have an account for myself about what I’ve gone through and how much progress I’ve made. If others one day want to read it too, that’s awesome, but in the meantime it’s a for-me project.


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